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Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save. Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save.

Free Download - 8 high-res cloudy skies textures

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Free Download - 8 high-res cloudy skies textures

* originally posted on the old blog, on June 11, 2012

High resolution, 8 pack cloudy skies textures

Did you download the textures and want to learn how to use them?
check out How to add clouds to an image in Photoshop

Here is an 8-pack of really great high resolution cloudy skies images for this Monday morning, to help you add drama to some of the cloudless skies that you might capture in your images.
The "textures" are pretty much straight out of camera, so you can add them to your photographs and edit them along with the original image, for a seamless look and feel.

Hope you enjoy them and have fun with the clouds! I would love to see what you do with them - do share your creations on the EW Couture Facebook page! :)

In the example shown here, I used texture no.5 from the pack.
Please don't sell the textures or share them as your own. Thank you!

Pins, likes and tweets are not required, but always appreciated. :)
Have a great week!

If you are enjoying the EW Couture Sampler templates, take a look at the downloads reserved exclusively for the EW Couture Collection newsletter subscribers.
To download click the image below.
EW Couture free cloudy skies overlays for photographers




•1• Use these templates to create finished products for yourself or your photography clients. (Must be flattened jpgs, when in digital format). You can use these templates to create samples for your studio’s printed marketing materials, as well as for your studio’s online presence.
•2• Change colors, fonts, the position of the different layout elements (where the design permits) to meet the needs of your studio and photography clients.

•1• Re-distribute or sell these files/templates (as a whole or parts of them) by any means, for free or for a fee and pass them as your own. { When sharing a link, please share a link to the blog post, and not a direct link to the file.}
•2• Use elements from these templates in anything you are selling as a digital template.


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