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Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save. Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save.

What Customers Say

Do you use any EW Couture Products? Have they had any impact on your business? ...I'd love to hear from you. Please use the form on the right to drop me a line and share your thoughts and feedback. Thank you!


"All of her products are very chic and have the feeling that you spent a lot of time working on a custom project just for them. Everything is stunning with a touch of modern high class and a bit of retro charm. Your clients will love everything and her work can help create a great look for your name and business."
~ Rebecca Grennan 

 "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the amazing free templates!  After looking through countless sites looking for card templates for advertising I had just about given up trying to find what I wanted when I came across you.  Your free stuff is actually better than a whole lot of paid stuff I've seen!  I have never been so pleasantly delighted with such a find as in your designs.  I will regularly keep up with what you do and I hope in some way your generosity will be paid back to you in lots of nice ways."
~ Michelle 

"Oh Elena, Elena, Elena.....where do I begin...I purchased 2 mini accordion templates over the weekend and am completely enamored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for creating these beautiful designs and making me look like I spent hours creating something that in reality took me less than 30 minutes, start to finish!!! I love EW Couture!"
~ Suzanne H.  on Facebook

"I just wanted to let you know that I am selling a TON of Christmas cards using your templates!! EVERYONE is ordering 50, I normally only sell 25 when I do sell them! All my clients love them :)"
~ Jason

I printed it out [the Serendipity senior template] on linen, too! One of the responses from getting the card this week:
"Cindy was ABSOLUTELY enamored with your announcement! That's the only way to explain her reaction-then squealing she took it to [her family/friends] and the vote was unanimous: These are the MOST beautiful announcements any of us have seen!"
 ~ Julia W. on Facebook

"Elena, THANK YOU, so much!! I found you through a fellow photog this year and tried some of your amazing freebies :)) Then ordered some templates. I was having a hard time downloading them & you re-sent me them with great detail on full proof opening of them! They are beautiful & I can not wait to show them to all my clients this next year. I am trying to build my business & am having success with the help of a few fellow amazing photographers and artists in our community like you! THANK YOU for everything......keep wowing us with your talent!"
Thank you so much,
~ Kelly R. | Lovelight Photography by Kelly

"Elena, your templates are absolutely gorgeous.  Every single time I present something to a client that you have designed, they go wild!  I love everything that you make.  I am also constantly inspired by your words of wisdom here.  Thank you so much for the beautiful things that I get to pass on to my clients, and thank you for the inspiration."
~ Kristen Mintz 

"I just wanted to send you some love! I based my whole birth photography site off of your 'must be dreaming' templates and used the 5x5 tri-fold template for my brochure. Your template + WHCC art linen = magic! They are so gorgeous and are really wowing people! Thank you so much for your awesome designs!"
~ Kelly 

"I commend you for not only giving freely of your beautiful templates, but for the spirit in which you share. For taking the extra time and effort to make them the best and not just throwing something out there makes you all the more generous. I think it is very important to give and try to always do so when I am able. In this new generation of photographers and designers I find that to be the case more often than not. You are one of those shining examples.
Thank you so much." 
~ Pam L. 

I LOVE your designs!!  The templates have really helped me grow my business.  Any time I need to feel inspired, I go to your blog.  Not only are your templates amazing, but YOU are amazing.  I love to read your new posts and see what you are up too.  Thank you for everything you do!!" 
~ Aimee 

"Love your templates! Thanks for the free ones also!!! <3 Much appreciated! You ROCK!" 
~ Kristy 

"Hi Elena,
I just LOVE your designs and free templates. I purchased a pack of your holiday cards from Millers and I have to tell you, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients have all ordered one of your designs so far! And I have tons of cards to choose from this year! [...]
thank you! and getting your freebies in my inbox is always the highlight of my day! I use your templates all the time!"
~ Melissa

"Hi Elena,
I absolutely love your templates.  You are so creative - not to mention generous!"
~ Shelly Loree

Your downloads give me something to look forward to and also inspire me to do more. And although you may not intend them to do so, they've made me a big fan of your work. I am anxiously awaiting for your baby announcements, accordion books and holiday card templates!"
~ Jen 

"Just wanted to say thank you! Although if you ever put a charity link on your blog, i would be happy to donate to that in exchange for the free download's good to give back from those who take too :-)" 
~ Mands

"I am very thankful to you for your inspirational work and all those free downloads.
I look forward to the free stuff every month and have used it quite often. Your templates are so well organized and so easy to use.
Keep up the great work."
~ Irfan Cheema