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Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save. Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save.

EW Couture for Mpix

If you are a photographer who sells digital image files and loves Mpix for order fulfillment, you may be one of the ones who lost count of the number of times you sent your clients their way.

Christmas and Holiday Cards EW Couture Collection with

They have it right... "The best gifts are personal!" ~

All the products that I design and Mpix brings to life for every customer, are just that - unique, quality heirloom gifts, personalized with your favorite photos and made with care.

Along with the templates I create for photographers, I also have a pretty extensive line of products with Mpix: photo Christmas cards, and holiday photo cards, faith based (religious) photo Christmas cards, holiday party invitations, high school graduation announcements and invitations, beautiful custom keepsake boxes, custom photo Christmas and holiday ornaments, personalized blankets, custom print collages, save the date, wedding and bridal shower invites, baby announcements and more. 

high school graduation announcements and party invitations - Mpix - EW Couture Collection

When it comes to the Mpix EW Couture line of photo gifts, my passion is the same - to create designs that allow the memories your clients hold dear to take the spotlight …Products that bring joy and become treasured and cherished family photo keepsakes.

Cards for every occasion (from baby announcements, to wedding invitations, graduation announcements, Christmas, holidays, and thank you cards), accordion minis, dry erase calendars, keepsake boxes, magnets, holiday ornaments - all these photo keepsakes are brought to life using top-of-the-line papers, and the care they deserve.

mini accordion books and mini albums - Mpix - EW Couture Collection

the Miller's + Mpix Loyalty Program

If you are a photographer who delivers digital files and printing rights as part of your packages and you love Mpix, the Miller’s + Mpix Loyalty Program is for you! Created by Miller's, the sister lab of Mpix, the program allows you to earn additional income on every one of your client orders that you refer to Mpix. Earn 10% commission on every order that you refer to Mpix. There are no minimum orders.

It is the best of both worlds, really.

Your customers can order premium quality prints, books, cards, and other high quality keepsakes - at their own pace and have full control over what they choose and when, and you can rest assured the photographs you put your heart into creating will be treated well.
Plus, you get to earn a commission on every order placed from the albums you  share with your clients through Mpix.

With the holidays coming, you could send out and pass on to clients any specials run by the lab, and could generate sales from weddings or family sessions even from past years.
Photographs and good memories are like fine wine - they only get better and more valuable with age!


photo ornaments by Mpix designed by EW Couture Collection

How do I point the clients towards Mpix and take advantage of the loyalty program?

You might've seen the blog posts and the info on the Miller's website, introducing the program.
There will be a series of e-mails after you sign up, that will walk you through the set-up. If you still have questions, feel free to send them to customer service and they should be able to answer any of them -

If you already provide the digital files from your sessions to your clients and Mpix is your go-to recommended lab, it will be a very easy transition.
Once you are set up with the Loyalty Program, you are able to upload the images to the Loyalty Dashboard, and share a link with your client, directing them to their Shared Album on Mpix.

keepsake box by Mpix designed by EW Couture Collection

You are the one uploading the images for the the client. This offers an added benefit to them, as they don't have to go through the process of uploading the images themselves.
It might not seem a big deal, but you saved them the hassle of doing it, and clients appreciate added bonuses and anything that is perceived as a premium service. All they will need to do is go online and pick what they want to order, and place the order.

You can point the clients towards using Mpix by recommending the lab at your photo shoot, through your print release, and in your email communication with them, before and after the shoot.

Talk about the products that they offer and why you love them. Ideally, show a few product samples that you’ve created with them, and what you love about them. We are visual beings and love holding prints and products in our hands.

Talk to the clients about the simplicity of the ordering process, and the variety of template choices when it comes to creating a grad announcement or a baby announcement, a Christmas or holiday card or even an album.

Christmas and holiday cards by Mpix designed by EW Couture Collection

Even better, if you blog, and are on social media, photograph and post products you’ve printed with images of your own family. Or maybe a clients’ album/announcement card/canvas that they printed through Mpix, using images you created for them.

I had a friend reach out and ask to book a photo session in the past, after I posted pictures (and a review) of a photo album. She wanted an album just like that. The  album review made her want to book a photo session.

Mpix Accordion Minis Album designed by EW Couture Collection

Some clients are happy to only share the photos on social media, once they get their digital files. But more often than not people will value the gift and wall prints, the canvases and albums, and they’ll go wherever they can get the product, if it’s not on the list of services the photographer offers.

Most photographers I know who sell the digital negatives, make recommendations for labs in their print release. And clients are usually very happy to follow the recommendations.
When you send your clients the pdf welcome package after booking, you could include along with your lab recommendation, info and images of products available through the lab.

Should you want to go and extra step, you can always print one sample image through Mpix and other commonly used consumer labs or online places (Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, SnapFish etc) and use it to show why you love Mpix.

EW Couture Collection for Mpix