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Pencil Strokes - a 12x12 Miller's Signature Album Feature

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Pencil Strokes - a 12x12 Miller's Signature Album Feature

* originally posted on the old blog, on August 17, 2016

Pencil Strokes - 12x12 Miller's Signature Album Feature

It's always exciting seeing the designs I create, come to life in print.
But holding in my hands and turning the Deep Matte thick pages of this album, has been the best experience yet.
I ordered the album template as a 12x12 Signature Album, with thick pages printed as pano spreads, on Deep Matte paper, with a Satin paper custom cover. The pages are mounted flush and extend across the entire spread (no split at the spine).
... If you order custom covers over the other options Miller's has, the Satin paper is hands down my most favorite of all! You just don't want to put it down. Both the Satin paper and the Deep Matte paper (which Miller's Lab started offering as an option in June) have a scrumptious and luxurious feel to them.

The album ships in a beautiful Graphite album box, provided at no extra cost.

Fabric covered Graphite album box.

Thick pages printed on Deep Matte; the Signature albums come with a choice of Thin or Thick pages on all paper types.

Custom Cover printed on Satin paper - my personal favorite!


Pencil Strokes 12x12 Miller's Signature Album-14 Spreads was designed as a senior album. As with all the other EW Couture album designs, the photo template files included in the download, are layered and fully customizable. It can make the perfect baby or wedding album as is, or can be further customized - colors and/or layout.

The ease we have to create and capture memories in this digital age, has its merits.
But the emotional impact that touching the paper and holding pieces of moments and memories in your hands, can't ever be replaced by the convenience of digital alone.

..."Stunning images!" ..."These memories bring happy tears to my eyes! The kids are growing so fast!" - said no one ever looking at a CD, DVD or memory stick laying on a coffee table or on a shelf, in the family room... Print those images! And what better way to tell a story, than with an album?

Special thanks to Melody White Studios for the use of the beautiful photographs showcased in the Pencil Strokes 12x12 Signature Album!

Millers-Lab-signature Album-by-EW-Couture-back-cover

Pencil Strokes 12x12 Miller's Signature Album-14 Spreads - find it here!

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