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Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save. Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save.

Get Organized - January's free download - Photo Studio Worksheets

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Get Organized - January's free download - Photo Studio Worksheets

* originally posted on the old blog, on January 9, 2013

Get Organized - January's free download - Photo Studio Worksheets

I've been playing around with the idea of creating something like this for a while now. This bundle of worksheets was born from my own need for tools that would help me get more organized and help me get more out of my work time.

I don't know about you, but I stray off tasks easily, when I don't have some sort of written plan in place. Not because I get lazy, but rather because I always seem to find some other things that need my 'immediate attention' :)


My husband made for me a large black board at the end of last year (a mirror from Ikea + a few coats of chalkboard paint). That and the 'idea notebooks' that I keep handy, close by, have been really helping me to keep my mind clear and be in the moment. Not once I got up after going to bed, to put on paper the ideas swimming in my head. Anything to make room for an enjoyable half an hour of reading and sweet slumber.

The mere thought that my thoughts are on paper or on the chalkboard, and there is no way I will forget them, helps me relax. I am getting better about playing doll house with my daughter without running in the back of my head all the things that I need to tackle the next day.

Now, I just need to stick to the plans that I make, and all is well! ;)

Allowing for larger margins with all projects is something I still need to work on. Designing the last marketing bundle took twice the time I planned for. Things always take longer than you expect. ...Factor in a sick child that can not go to school or child care, and culling and editing the images from that last photo session you were planning to work on, just got pushed back another day or two.

If rules are made to be broken, then plans are made to be changed sometimes. Life happens. ...I am sure planning though, to be more prepared for life's happenings in 2013. :) And allow plenty of margins for changes.

I thought this download might turn out to be very valuable for others who will find the post later, down the road this year, so there is no expiration and time limit on it for now.

If you have a friend, or know someone who you believe could benefit from this please share it. You are not obligated by any means to do so, but I will be forever grateful to you (and your friend/s might be too :) To download the files, simply click the preview image below.

The Get Organized Studio Worksheets bundle contains the following materials:
1 • a 12x18 Workflow Studio Customizable Dry Erase Board (the board is designed to fit Miller Lab's  product specs) in .psd format
2 • a monthly calendar - interactive pdf format
3 • a blog post worksheet - interactive pdf format
4 • a client worksheet - interactive pdf format
5 • a weekly calendar - interactive pdf format

If you are enjoying the EW Couture Sampler templates, take a look at the downloads reserved exclusively for the EW Couture Collection newsletter subscribers.

download link - EW Couture free templates for photographers


Unless otherwise specified,
• The template files are layered Photoshop (.PSD) files,
• The files are compatible with Photoshop CS and higher, for Mac and PC. To make the files compatible with Photoshop Elements, check out this free resource - a free ungroup layers action for elements
• The templates are designed to be as simple as possible. Simply drop in your photos (if applicable), change the text, and you’re done; colors are editable whenever possible, should you choose to further customize the files.
• Text is fully editable - most of the fonts used with this bundle are free, names are supplied. the web addresses where you can download them are included in the layer naming convention in each of the files.
When paid fonts are used, the text is flatened. If you wish to change the text, simply delete the layer and add your own text.

To customize the colors of the color layers and shape layers, simply double click on the color slider thumbnail to bring up the color picker.



•1• Use these templates to create finished products for yourself or your photography clients. (Must be flattened jpgs, when in digital format). You can use these templates to create samples for your studio’s printed marketing materials, as well as for your studio’s online presence.
•2• Change colors, fonts, the position of the different layout elements (where the design permits) to meet the needs of your studio and pho- tography clients.

•1• Re-distribute or sell these files/templates (as a whole or parts of them) by any means, for free or for a fee and pass them as your own. { When sharing a link, please share a link to the blog post, and not a direct link to the file.}
•2• Use elements from these templates in anything you are selling as a digital template.

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