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Free Printable :: Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

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Free Printable :: Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

* originally posted on the old blog, on December 19, 2011

Free Printable :: Vintage Christmas Gift Tags :: double sided

I didn't get a chance to photograph my printed tags this morning, but I will try to do it tomorrow morning and post a few images. I love the splash of color against the postal kraft wrapping paper and the green, fragrant evergreen clippings.

The gift tags come as a 300 dpi jpg. There are actually 2 jpgs in the downloaded folder - one with the front side of the tags and one that you can use as a back side for tags. This is not a layered .psd template obviously, but if you want to add the names on the computer and print the tags that way, you can open the jpg file in Photoshop and do just that before printing it on your office printer.
Once you print the front, you can run the paper through the printer again and print the vintage pattern on the back. Then using scissors or an x-acto knive cut out the tags.
Use thicker paper; a premium presentation paper in a matte finish would work great. When printing, change the media type/paper choice settings in your printer's dialogue box, to match the type of paper you'll be using. This will guarantee best results when printing. Don't choose "Premium Photo Paper Glossy" if what you are using is "Presentation Paper Matte", for example.
The quality and correct color of the prints coming out of your printer, are just a click away from choosing the correct settings. The multiple printed sheets sitting on my desk (VERY different in color saturation, and quality of the artwork) will stand proof for that. :)
To download these free printable Vintage Christmas Gift Tags simply click on the image link below.
Pins, likes or shares are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Download inspired by Melissa of Melissa Lyn Photography, and her mom, lover of all things vintage :)
Merry Christmas everyone!
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