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Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save. Delight your clients. Do more of what makes you awesome with the time you save.

EW Couture Free Templates :: 10x20 Storyboards

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EW Couture Free Templates :: 10x20 Storyboards

* originally posted on the old blog, on October 4, 2010

EW Couture Free Templates :: 10x20 Storyboards and a note on the Christmas Stocking Stuffer

September's free EW Couture template download is a set of 10x20 storyboards. Actually it is one storyboard - the other two are variations of the first. I just wanted to show you a couple of examples of what you could do with the different elements to create your own layout. It is fun and the possibilities are endless (the two extra examples are also included in the download file).

The files are created at 300dpi. You can print them through your regular lab and treat them as regular prints, sized at 10x20 (or 20x10).

If you enjoy the EW Couture Sampler templates, take a look at the downloads reserved exclusively for the EW Couture Collection newsletter subscribers.

To download click the image below.

Have fun playing! (and do scroll down for the second part of this post ;)

download link - EW Couture free templates for photographers


Early EW Couture Christmas Stocking Stuffer

... Christmas comes bearing gifts for most people. Small, large, but hopefully always meaningful.

While it might be a little early to talk about Christmas, I thought about it, and I'd love to have my own little way of saying Merry Christmas to you, with a EW Couture Christmas Stocking Stuffer.

The Christmas Stocking Stuffer is an extra freebie and should be available by beginning - mid November so you have time to customize it and prepare it/ send it out to favorite clients.

...A marketing piece that you could use to spread the word about your business in the year coming. Something clients would keep around throughout the new year...

A 5x7 flat calendar? A poster calendar? A mini accordion calendar? ... A thank you card?

What do you think?

Now is your chance to chime in. The pool will close on October 16th. All results are hidden during voting, so the Christmas Stocking Stuffer (ie template) can be (sort of) a surprise :)

Once the results are in, I will make them available, so those of you who want to send a little gift to your favorite clients, can start planning.

What would be your ideal EW Couture Christmas Stocking Stuffer?
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