Changing colors within a template

If you've read through the Changing/editing the text within a template tutorial, you've found the steps to how you can change the color of live text in a template.

Changing the color of design elements is also quite easy.
1. To customize the colors of the color layers and shape layers choose the the graphic you want to change in the Layers palette.

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Changing/editing the text within a template

Photoshop's Type Tool is a powerful (and complex) tool.
I will keep the pointers in this post somewhat simple and limited to the basics one needs to know, to be able to customize an already designed template.

If you would like to dive deeper into all the magic that the Type Tool can help you achieve, check out the linked article, for a fairly comprehensive introduction to the type tool, on It's a good start.

Editing and changing the text in a template is a pretty straight forward task.
1. Open the .psd template file and select the text layer you want to edit, in the layer palette.

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Adding images to a template

Adding images to your templates and customizing the products is quite simple.
The easiest way to add an image to your templates is to use a clipping mask. All EWCC templates already come with the clipping masks you see in the preview images of the products. Using the masks will help you keep the intended look of the designs.
Here are the steps you can follow. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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