This-n-That High Rezolution Photoshop Overlays

New design elements have been added to the store.

These new Photoshop overlays are great for those times you might not need a fully designed template. Sometimes all you need might be some quality design elements. Photoshop overlays that you can use to add finishing touches to your own creation, before you send it off to print or present it to your client.

That's where these high resolution beautifully created Photoshop banners, scrolls and tape pieces come in.

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The Details: 

• The hand drawn banners,ribbons and the tape pieces all come as layered, editable .psd files
• The .psd files are high rezolution. Web rezolution copies of each one of the files are also included, to make working with the files painless.
• Easily modifiable colors to make matching your images or blog theme a snap
• Text layers for changing from my sample words (YOUR TEXT HERE) to your own 
• Name and download link for the free font used in the samples shown
• The words on the typographic themed tape are not editable. All fonts that are used as part of the tape design are flattened as a graphic. The colors of both the words and the tape are easily editable.
If you wish to know the name of any of the fonts used, please feel free to email me.

The details: 

The Blog Collage Brush Strokes collection files you'll receive are sized at 300 dpi.
They are designed for print, as well as web usage.
They are compatible with both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS or newer.

•••• 12 patterned long strips of customizable washi tape/masking tape pieces in .psd format
•••• 13 patterened ripped strips of customizable washi tape/masking tape pieces in .psd format, at different sizes
•••• 13 typography themed, organic shaped strips of customizable washi tape/masking tape pieces in .psd format
•••• 13 organic shaped strips of customizable transparent masking tape pieces in .psd format
•••• 6 hand drawn/hand painted banners and ribbons in .psd format