Lily Kate - the Senior Announcement & the Luxe dvd and dvd label

The most popular announcement from the EW Couture Senior Announcements Bundle One collection, Lily Kate 5x5 Top Folded Luxe Card is a charmer. The design allows for 7 images to be displayed, as is. Of course you can always adjust it and customize it to fit your and your clients' preferences for more or less images, or different colors.

When Miller's Lab came out with their new, hot product - the new Luxe DVD cases - Lily Kate got a little make over and was customized for one of the samples. Here is a screenshot of the sample showcased on Miller's home page.

2-Lily-Kate-Millers ornate card and Luxe DVD.png

... And here is a preview of the official EW Couture template for the LUXE DVD and DVD Label - Lily Kate Luxe DVD and DVD Label. The design comes with 2 inside layout options - one image driven and one that includes a copyright form.