Customer Love/Product Feature - Iphone cases

Another great marketing tool to consider are the phone cases.
In this day and age phones are more than ever an extension of us - true even more so for the high school age senior clients. Helping your clients customize their phone case with images you create at your session, means helping them create a a fabulous conversation starter piece. One that could eventually bring new clients, back to you.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Delmekia J. Flannigan, from Jackson Flannigan Photography
I love getting feedback from you on the products you use! Thank you so much Delmekia! :)

"I'm currently in love with your iPhone Cover templates. I been in business going on three years and I decided to focus exclusively on Family & Senior portraits going forward. Your Senior iPhone templates have been great for business. The majority of my seniors book me after seeing one of their friends with one of my custom iPhone cases.

Thanks for the amazing products.  
Delmekia J. Flannigan
Jackson Flannigan Photography"