Christmas Joy 5x7 Luxe Card || Premium Bamboo vs. UV Coated Linen

Today's post features a Luxe ornate folded Christmas card - Christmas Joy 5x7 Top Folded Luxe Card.
I thought it would be fun to attempt to capture and show you the slightly different looks of the same card printed on two different papers and in different finishes.

When it comes to Miller's press papers, I am a HUGE fan of the Pearl press paper, the Premium Bamboo, and lately, even more so of the Premium Cotton.

I rarely think of Linen as a choice, but I wasn't disappointed with it at all, when I decided to give it a try.
For an even more unique feel and look I added the UV Coating to the Linen. It definitely makes a statement beyond the tactile experience! Textured, shiny and sleek. :)

The colors on the UV Coated Linen are slightly more vibrant and rich, the dark on dark details hold a bit better and overall it seems to handle the large coverage of dark ink beautifully.

The uncoated papers tend to soak more ink and have more of a matte look, especially when you deal with larger spaces covered in darker colors. In comparison with the UV Coated Linen, the card printed on the Bamboo has a slightly flatter look and the colors seem a little more muted. But like I said that's to be expected because of the nature of uncoated papers. Even so, I still like better the watercolor paper feel of the Premium Bamboo and I was really pleased with how well and with how much grace the paper (and the Lab's printers) handled all that amount of dark ink.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this new post in November's Showcase. Hope you like it and find it helpful, and maybe somewhat enlightening :)

photo template from the EW Couture Collection
professional photo lab: Miller's Lab