Lily Kate love - by Sara | Alexander and the Kid Photography

Lily Kate rocks tangerine orange and pale yellows in this gorgeous customization by Sara of Alexander and the Kid Photography, just as much as it did the original vintage rose and chocolate colors.

I send the files out ready to use just as they are, so you can get them ready for print literally in the nick of time. It makes me so exited though, to see photographers taking advantage of the fact that they can be customized and further creatively messed with :)

Thank you for taking and sharing these beautiful images of the printed luxe senior announcement Sara!
So thrilled to know your client was happy to see her gorgeous senior pictures shown off in this announcement!


showcased - Lily Kate 5x5 Top Folded Luxe Card
If you like this design, check out the new matching Lily Kate Luxe DVD and DVD Label!

photographs by: Alexander and the Kid Photography website | Alexander and the Kid Facebook Page
photo lab: Miller's Lab