November EW Couture Showcase

I don't know about you, but for me pictures have a much stronger emotional hold when they are in my hands, printed.
The ink seems to breathe life into them - the life that they are missing when they are simply stored and sometimes unintentionally forgotten on a hard drive or a DVD.
The story they tell comes to life. All of a sudden even my 2 year old wants to sit down by me and touch them, pointing at the people he recognizes, while trying to say their names. After a few tries "greca" sounds more like "grandpa".
My 5 year old wants to know more of the story... "Is this your daddy? Can he see us from heaven?" ..."Do you remember that red Christmas dress mommy? It's my favorite!"

...I love the smell of the paper, I love the feel of it. I love having the real proof of a moment in time, right there in my hands.

I've been feeling equally excited every time I receive my ordered samples back from Miller's Lab.
Sometimes the printed cards look even better on paper, better than they looked in my mind and on the computer screen while creating them.
...I wanted to share some of that excitement with you, so this whole month I want to photograph and share every week day, a product from EW Couture Exclusive Line for Miller's Lab.

Along the way I'll also share with you what's so special about some of the products and how you can use them in your business and for your clients. I will also add a number of opportunities to win products and printed samples for your studio, along with other fun prizes.

I hope you enjoy the posts to come. If you would like to see any specific EW Couture photographer template or product showcased, feel free to drop me a line.

And here is a Luxe 5x7 ornate senior card, from the Preppy Findings Senior Bundle to kick off the series.

A Perfect Moment - 5x7 Luxe and Flat Card Senior Announcement || [featuring the work of Amanda K Photography ]