New press papers at Millers!

I've seen it over and over in the last several years while working on different graphic projects; The paper a design is printed on can (and should) enhance and complement the design and the colors, and beyond that, the experience of the client with the finished, printed product. A good paper choice can make a business card, a brochure, a gretting card, that much more memorable.

Both the 100% Recycled press paper and the new Bamboo paper that Miller's Lab just introduced are unique, high quality and eco-friendly. I am a huge fan of textured papers, so I immediately wanted to test the Bamboo on a couple of EW Couture Collections designs.

I ordered a couple of samples in dark colors and light colors ...and I'm in love!
The Premium Bamboo has a lovely matte finish, with a nice watercolor texture. It's heavy and thick and it gives the cards a nice presence and a high end, expensive feel when you hold them in your hands.

If Miller's Lab is your lab of choice and you like fine art papers I am positive you'll love the Bamboo. I took a couple of pictures of the samples I ordered, but you have to touch and feel the paper for yourself. (Any press order placed at Miller's from now until August 31st will be delivered with a free set of the new papers.)

The 2 Luxe folded press cards I ordered samples of, are part of the New 2011 EW Couture Holiday Collection.
You can find these 2 designs here:
Christmas Joy 7x5 BiFold Ornate Top Fold and
Christmas Treasured 7x5 BiFold Ornate Top Fold

photo templates from the EW Couture Collection
professional photo lab: Miller's Lab


The pearl paper will stay a close favorite, though, especially for designs like the ones in the Honey and Light Marketing Essentials Bundle! (currently discontinued) ...Antique golds, grays and silvers look outstanding on pearl!