Square Sizes LayFlat Album (12 x 12) - Scarlet's Book

Scarlet's Book Square Sizes LayFlat Album (12x12) is now available in Miller's Professional Imaging Design Market - 12 pano inside page layouts. I am very pleased with how this turned out and excited to make it available! The design follows the looks and feel of the popular Scarlet's Notebook 4x8 Accordion Book by EW Couture.

• The templates are layered Photoshop (.PSD) files and are designed to be compatible with Miller's Press Printed products. These templates also fit MpixPro's guides.
Templates are designed to be as simple as possible. Simply drop in your photos, change the text, and you're done; colors are editable, should you choose to further customize the album.
• The texture elements are overlays, so you will be able to move them around and/or turn them off. The brush strokes and paint splatter that are used as overlays in a couple of the pages can each have the color edited separately to whatever colors work best with the images.
• All text is fully editable - all the fonts used with the album are free, names are supplied.
• All of the files use clipping masks (all clipping masks are included).
• Compatible with Photoshop CS and higher, for Mac and PC.
• to make the files compatible with Photoshop Elements, check out these resources: a free ungroup layers action for elements and/or a $12 program called Elements+ that will allow you to ungroup layers in Elements (it also adds many other functions to Elements; Elements + ungroup feature does not work with Elements 5.)

• find it and purchase here •
photography © Elena Wilken