Ornate Luxe Rep Card Bundle for Miller's Lab

Have you seen one of the new Luxe press products Miller's Lab is now offering? Rep Luxe cards! If you love their Luxe products, you will mostlikely love these as well.

EW Couture just released 6 new template designs for this product. The designs in this bundle actually match the designs of the 3x3 ornate Luxe 411 senior cards.

This new Rep Ornate Luxe Card Bundle by EW Couture Collection includes the following templates:

  • Damask Rep Ornate Luxe Card
  • Victorian Rep Ornate Luxe Card
  • Framed Rep Ornate Luxe Card
  • Stone Wash Rep Ornate Luxe Card
  • Ornamental Rep Ornate Luxe Card
  • Victorian Ornament Rep Ornate Luxe Card

The cards are currently retired from the Miller's Exclusive Line, and available under the Retired Bundles/ +International Customers for a great price, bundled with the 411 Cards bundle. Only $20 for all bundles.

photographs showcased in the Ornate Luxe Rep Card Bundle courtesy of  Ryan Towe Photography.