Favorite fonts and typefaces.

The typefaces you use in a design, the way you use a font can make or brake the design. In an effort to not add extra expenses for those buying EW Couture photographer templates, I always use free typefaces.

There are tons of free fonts out there (that have a commercial use licence), but not all free fonts are created equal.

I find it hard to find too many free fonts that show great levels of quality and craftsmanship, and have an elegant, timeless feel. Here is another thing about free fonts - sometimes they only have the alphabet and no punctuation which will get you in trouble when designing something that requires punctuation.

Here are a couple of my favorite fonts and font families, that I've been using in my designs. All these typefaces are available for free, commercial use at FontSquirrel.com. (They are also @font-face compatible!)

Goudy Bookletter 1911 - designed by Barry Schwartz - is probably one of my most favorite ones. I love the vintage flavor and feel of it. I even use it as the body font on the EW Couture Collection blog and website.

Sorts Mill Goudy is designed by Barry Schwartz as well. Another lovely, classical family with an extensive character map.

Museo Sans - a sans serif - is sturdy, geometric and highly legible. Museo Sans is designed by Exijbris.

A script font, BlackJack font while having a casual look and feel to it, it is still an elegant choice.

Caviar Dreams - I've been familiar with this family of fonts for a couple of years, but only came to really appreciate recently. A sans serif, designed by Nymphont, it blends retro and contemporary quite elegantly.

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