April 2011 :: It's Giveaway time!

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I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! to all the vendors who so graciously made this giveaway possible and hopefully very exciting and a whole lot of fun for you guys!

With a line up of lots of great prizes, there will be 11 winners walking away with a great product/service at the end. A lot more than that, actually if you guys decide to take advantage of some of the discount codes that some of the vendors made available for all those participating in the giveaway, and all EW Couture blog readers.

Have fun, spread the word and good luck!

napcp giveaway graphic2.jpg

The National Association of Professional Child Photographers is an association whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of the most talented, creative, and professional child photographers. To accomplish this mission, NAPCP provides the most comprehensive resources for its members, bringing together a community of passionate artists committed to growth in their skills, their artistry, and their businesses.

NAPCP.com (formally pronounced "NAP-C-P") is a place where professional child photographers can come and connect, learn, teach, aspire and grow. It is also a valuable resource for parents who are looking for a professional child photographer in their area, and want to be inspired and educated about our specialized industry. With your free membership you will have access to an ever growing community of inspiration and knowledge while also having a creative outlet to share with your peers!

Connect with NAPCP through the NAPCP Facebook Page, or through Twitter. To learn more about the association, visit NAPCP.com

The winner of this prize will enjoy a free membership for a year in NAPCP, will all that perks associated to it. The winner is subject to the requirements NAPCP has in place for their members. (ie NAPCP members must maintain an up-to-date and professional web site that exhibits their work as a children photographer.)


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Michelle Kane is perhaps best known for her in-depth one-on-one editing mentoring where she teaches photographers how to truly understand and utilize the tools available in Lightroom and Photoshop to create stunning works of art. Now, she's taken her signature editing approach and translated it into a fantastically versatile and extensive set of Photoshop actions.

Michelle's actions were specifically designed to give you amazing control over color, tone and detail. By combining multiple actions, the creative possibilities for defining your look are endless. Best of all, the wide variety and ease of use will help to quickly and easily refine your editing, reducing valuable time spent behind the computer. From deep, rich and vibrant to light, airy and faded, Michelle's complete action sets work together to compliment any photo editing style to create an array of yummy customized results!

One lucky winner will receive Michelle's 2 hearty action collections.

Be sure to check Michelle's blueprints and recipies. Connect with Michelle through her blog and Facebook page and subscribe to her newsletter, "In the Know," to receive valuable tips, tutorials and discounts.



Circus Circus, Your Adventure-Guide to Writing for Business, will help you to figure out what makes your business truly unique and then put those unique qualities into words.

Words that don't sound like everyone else's words.

Writing with Circus Circus isn't scary.

I Kristen Kalp's own words: "I'll guide you through what to write and how to write it, often using fill-in-the-blank exercises to lead you down the path to genuine inspiration. Complete the exercises to end up with oh-so-YOU copy that'll make you downright proud of your writing skills. (Yes, you. Proud. Of your writing.)"

The winner of this prize will walk away with a copy of Circus Circus, a ridiculously fun adventure guide to better writing for your business. 

Kristen is an excellent writer, knowledgeable and very witty. You will definitely enjoy her collection of articles and all the tips that she has to offer. The Sales and Pricing Remix - written by Kristen Kalp, who is also a children photographer in Philadelphia - is a FREE compilation of her favorite Brand Camp blog posts, about "establishing pricing, tweaking pricing, gaining confidence, and rocking sales". It is awesome and free! You will not be sorry you checked it out!

Connect with Kristen through her Brand Camp Blog Facebook Page, and make sure to check out her blog for articles that are a must-read.


Discount Code Offer - Coupon INSPIRED takes $40 off the $149 retail price of Circus Circus, Your Adventure-Guide to Writing for Business.



Professional Photographer magazine is the most trusted source of information for photographers.  Each issue offers advice and ideas for everything from equipment to products to techniques – all adaptable to every photographer’s needs.

2 Lucky winners will receive a FREE one-year subscription (12 monthly issues) of Professional Photographer magazine. If the winners are already subscribers, the free annual subscription will start when their current subscription expires.

(This offer is for new and current subscribers only.  PPA members receive the magazine as part of their dues so this offer does not apply.)

Connect with Professional Photographer through their Facebook page to be included in additional giveaways, participate in reader research and get links to exclusive content.

Go to www.ppmag.com to enter the annual Professional Photographer Magazine Cover Contest. You could be the winner of fabulous prizes and your image will be on the cover of the magazine.


Illuminations Banner.png

Jessica Drossin is a natural light photographer working in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. A self-described texture addict, she creates and uses textures in the vast majority of her photography work.

Jessica is no stranger to EW Couture Collection. A few months ago she wrote an article for the blog and shared a few tips on integrating textures in photographs.

The winner of this prize will receive the JD Illumination Textures Collection. If the winner already owns the JD Illumination Textures, they may choose a different pack of their choice.

You can follow Jessica on Facebook through the FB Texture group, or browse more of her photography work at Jessica Drossin Photography.

{click the image bellow to go to Jessica's blog for some awesome befores and afters.}

Box Shot.png

The Illuminations pack, with a total of 50 textures - 25 unique, high resolution textures, available in both warm and cool tones, is available for an introductory price of $30 USD. (The price changes to $35 May 1, 2011).



Bohemian Secret has been created by devoted Childhood Fine Art  photographer Sonia Macak. Exclusively designed to share her love and passion for Black and White Photography regardless time and age. 

Inspired by the olden days film processes Bohemian Secret delivers  the finest B&W Actions  and Presets based on traditional darkroom processes.

What does the Bohemian Secret Giveaway include?

- a set of 57 versatile Lightroom Presets  and a set of 47 ACR Presets designed to cover most of the exposure settings.

From Underexposed via neutral toned images to overexposed or backlit images.

These set includes  various tints, vignettes and tonal adjustment presets which you can use as an addition to your basic adjustment presets.

{click the images bellow to go to Sonia's blog for before and after examples of her actions and presets.}

- a set of Bohemian Secret Actions containing:

• a 40 page (pdf format) instruction booklet outlining Sonia's style of B&W photography and conversions.(everything that Sonia knows and does when creating a B&W image)

• set of 41 Adobe PS Actions to help you on your journey with your B&W conversions.

Basic set – for setting up your BW image and adjusting tones from darks to brights.

Beyond B&W set – a vintage feel overlays to your basic set

Extra Tools – grain, vignette, texture  and soft focus actions

Classic Tints – a nice variety of classic tints like palladium, platinum or selenium

Haze – a yummy actions creating tinted overlays to your b&w image

Thousand and One Nights – all in one action for the impatient

Alternative set – set of artistic actions for those interested in film and alternative processes

Connect with Sonia through Bohemian Secret's Facebook page, and/or through Twitter.

For an in depth review of the Bohemian Secret B&W actions and presets check out these articles on Weekly Photography Tips.



GET IT TOGETHER KIT - $175 value

what is on the disc?

what is in the kit?


The lucky winner of the "Get It Together Kit" is in for a treat.

In Millie Holloman's own words:

"In the Get It Together Kit, I share the systems, workflow and strategies I used to grow my business from a one-photographer studio that had me feeling constantly overwhelmed to a seven-person studio that has enjoyed exponential growth.

The kit is divided into six main sections (which follow an introduction).  They are:

Brain Dump: In this section, I share my methods for clearing my mind, setting goals for the business, creating effective to do lists, and finding ways to accomplish those important goals that aren’t urgent, but are extremely important for growing a business.

Love Your Systems: Here, I give detailed examples of the day-to-day systems I’ve created to run my studio.  I cover everything from office organization to tracking workflow to storing archived discs for clients.

Email (I Hate You): I get a few hundred emails per day.  At one point, it seemed that email was controlling my life.  I found a way to win the battle against my overflowing inbox, and I’ll tell you how.  There are examples of how to automate your email, specifics on how to organize folders and subfolders in your email management system, and dozens of tips and ideas that will save you time!

Leadtracker: In this section, I cover my methods for tracking and converting leads.  I discuss specifics on everything from the questions we ask future brides to the way we keep in touch with prospects to how we set reasonable expectations with a client once a contract has been signed.  Even better, I’ll show you how we continue the sales process after the wedding and boost sales and referrals from our vendors.

Flowstand: What’s a flowstand?  One of my proudest inventions.  It’s an efficient fool-proof way to organize contracts, travel arrangements, payments, wedding details and more.  I show you exactly how I created this system (there are even x-rays of my folders!) so that you can create your own.

Break it Down: This chapter takes you through my workflow step-by-step.   I’ll explain the editing and production system we use to edit so many weddings at one time.  The process is completely scaleable—it worked when I booked 15 weddings per year and it still works with a studio that handles 90+ weddings.  We cover backing up files, rating files, editing, using actions, blogging, designing albums, and assigning tasks to team members to create a workflow chain.

But Wait, There’s More: Throughout the kit, I also share extra tips, resources, discount codes for my favorite tools and equipment, and worksheets that will assist you in starting to….Get It Together.

The Disc: In addition to our 100-page book, you’ll also receive a disc that includes the exact wording we use for simple client communications, the expectations sheet we send to brides, and a 90 Day plan to get you started on goal-setting for your own business."


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Get It Together Kit!  I received it last week and finished reading it Friday!  I immediately sat down to "brain dump" and get my business together!  I cannot wait to start implementing all your fabulous ideas!" —Lucy Parker Randall, North Carolina

Your Get It Together Kit looks great and is a fun and informative read. We've gone through the information you provided with a fine-tooth comb, and there are definitely things we are going to adopt in our business." —Sarah Henry, Australia

"Every time I turned a page [of the Get It Together Kit], my interest was held not only by the content but by the design as well. It's not just to make it pretty, but also to help drive home the points and ideas presented in the book." —Scott Eccleston, Maine

"The Get It Together Kit is exactly what I need at this juncture in my very disorganized business. I am putting a lot of the tips and tricks you mention in your book to use already." —Seshu Badrinath, Connecticut

Learn more about the "Get It Together Kit" through the website http://getittogetherkit.com and through the blog.



FLOWBOARD - $75 value

What is the flowboard?

"For years, we could not find an attractive dry erase board for the studio. Being a visual person, I work best when I can see everything laid out in grids or patterns. I wanted to see EVERY single client’s job in process at a glance. It was important to me to be able to know when every wedding was shot and where each one was in our workflow process. I also wanted to know just how much work we had left to do.

Ready-made dry erase boards available at office supply stores didn’t serve my needs and looked too institutional. I even tried customizing them: I purchased black tape and made my own grid lines, but the final product was an eyesore in my otherwise cute studio. Because I didn’t like it, I didn’t want to use it. Lucky for me, my brother is a graphic designer (he’s responsible for this amazing book layout—applause please!).

I commissioned him to make a custom flowboard that I would enjoy having in my office. My new flowboard meets all of my needs: it matches my branding; it’s easy to update; it tracks all of the information I want to see at a glance; and it looks great in the studio! We actually have two of these flowboards: one for workflow production and on for album design. They have become the heart of our operation, allowing everyone to know where we are in our editing process with every wedding we have shot. They keep us on task and motivated to work diligently each day. Even better, they allow me to know what my staff members have accomplished without having to interrupt them with a lot questions." Millie Holloman



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