Senior Card Templates and Announcements :: victorian grunge, urban and preppy

Both the A&H Collection and the Victorian Grunge Collection are being retired this month.

*update - the designs have been discontinued April 2011. To view the new senior collection and designs visit Miller's Lab Exclusive EW Couture Line.

I ordered samples of a couple of the cards last week and when they came in, the thought of retiring them made me really sad. These are some of the first templates I created last year and to top it off they look FANTASTIC!

The designs are relevant to today's senior market and they speak to their sense of style and fashion - the colors, patterns, layering in textures and graphic elements. The perfect announcements for your high school seniors to tell their story and show off their individuality and sense of style. Announcements that might just reflect their personality.

I love the blend of urban grunge, bold victorian and baroque flavors in the Victorian Grunge Collection. This collection marries the newness of urban decay and the elegance of old times in an unexpected but pleasant way. The softness of some of the designs in the A&H Collection, the preppiness, elegance and the fresh take on vintage of the cards are unique and exciting.

From now, until Monday, the 28th at midnight, use promo code " byebye " at checkout, to get both collections for $49. Check out all the designs in this VAST collection.



• The 2 collections include a total of 30 cards - 7 styles - check out all the designs in this VAST collection

• formats - 5x7 flat, portrait oriented cards; non traditional 5x7 folding, wide format cards; 5x5 folding format cards (all double sided)

• All text is fully editable.

• All the fonts used with this set are free, names and links are supplied.

• Some of the files use clipping masks (all clipping masks are included).

• .PSD files compatible with Photoshop CS and higher, for Mac and PC.

• files build to follow WHCC Specifications (300 dpi with bleeds)

• can be printed at any lab that prints press cards these sizes (Miller's Lab, MpixPro, ProDPI, CPQ) - some adjustments might be needed

The templates in this collection have custom preset colors; 3-6 per design (the graphic artwork is not layered). This is the reason why the collections are being retired. While the designs are no doubt awesome and some of my favorites, these 2 collections are the only ones with rather limited customization options out of all the EW Couture products.

While you can use adjustment layers or your favorite actions to change, saturate the colors, soften them, and just explore and play around until you get tints and tones that are pleasing to you, the 30 cards included in these two sets cover an extensive color pallette.


• Birth Announcements

• Thank You Cards

• Invitations

• Holiday Cards

• Save the Date

• Marketing Cards

** to make the files compatible with Photoshop Elements, check out these resources: a free ungroup layers action for elements and/or a $12 program called Elements+ that will allow you to ungroup layers in Elements (it also adds many other functions to Elements; Elements + ungroup feature does not work with Elements 5.)