House of Koop Fundraiser :: When the Morning Comes Marketing Set for Photographers

I don't know Valerie personally.

But I know another "Valerie". My dad passed away suddenly at 37, and mom was left to raise me and my 2 younger brothers on her own. Until I had my own children, I don't think I ever fully understood how hard and painful that must've been.

I received the email asking if I would like to be a part of the fundraiser a late evening two weeks ago. It was on my mom's birthday. I was going through old pictures and memories to better remember all the reasons why mom is a hero and a history maker to me.

It wasn't hard at all for me to say yes.

It is a little easier to find the courage and strength to be your children's hero and history maker when you know that someone out there cares, when you know that someone out there has your back.


Visit the House of Koop Fundraiser page here. There are many wonderful artists donating great items.

Sometimes, a small gesture makes the biggest difference. Even if you don’t need anything maybe you could re-post this on your blog/Facebook so that someone else who might need or want something finds it…?

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this story of courage and strength.

I am humbled to be part of this amazing cause. All the proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Valerie and her children.

The custom marketing set for photographers I created this past week specially for the fundraiser is fully customizable, and will only be sold once and be unique to the person winning the bid. Here is a chance to bid on this unique set and help a family in need.


What's included in the "When the Morning Comes" Marketing set:

double sided leterhead (full bleeds version plus a one sided, no bleeds version - for in office use for invoices, forms and the like)


• double sided business card (landscape format, with no images, and a portrait version, with images)

• double sided trifold info brochure (5x5)

cd/DVD custom labels (2 versions) that can work with any in office printers that print directly on cds/DVDs (set at 300 dpi)

cd/DVD custom cover

stickers (2 versions)

• double sided custom boutique shaped thank you note (5x7)

• double sided custom boutique shaped gift card (5x7)

image box - 4x6 landscape format holds 100 prints

• double sided marketing post card (5x7)

• color mixer :: a collection of 4 3x3 ornate Miller's Lab cards presenting different color option suggestions - the cards are set as refferal card/ business card/referral info card/ senior rep card.

They can always be repurposed as mommy calling cards, senior personal cards, mini order thank you note etc. as needed.

A little bit about the set (technical stuff):

• All files are fully customizable - changing all colors, text; turning design elements, texture overlays, text layers on and off, as preferred.

• All fonts used are free fonts or system fonts, and the names and download links are included.

• All files are created at 300 dpi, using WHCC file guides (unless otherwise specified), but can be adjusted for printing through other pro photo labs (miller's lab, mpix pro, pro dpi etc). Some minor adjustments might be necessary. Simply make sure you download and copy/paste the graphics and artwork to the guides of the lab your printing the different pieces through.

• All clipping masks are included.

• The custom complete marketing set will also be including a seamless pattern tile (@ 72 dpi - colors fully customizable, like the rest of the set) that you can use to carry the look to your website/blog. A blog header (@72 dpi), also fully customizable, rounds up the set.

• The files are created in Photoshop and can be opened with Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements.

Most files in the set have the layers grouped to keep them well organized. To be able to work with them in PSE you would have to first ungroup the layers.

Here are a couple of resources that would help you do that:

- CYE's Ungroup Layers Action for Photoshop Elements

- a program/plugin called Elements+ that adds functionality to PSE