Customer Love / Spotted :: Brush Strokes Blog Story Boards

So fun to see the blog storyboards from the Brush Strokes Collection in use around the web! :)
I love seeing how they take new looks depending on who's using them. You make them look good - thank you!
I need to get in the habit of featuring your creations a whole lot more often!

...Let's start today with two that caught my eye.

Wildly Sweet Designs' use of the collage no.2 from the Brush Strokes Collection is quite creative!
Way to go Jammie! Facebook fan page profile never crossed my mind as an alternative use for this blog collage. Great customization - your cute, little Wildly Sweet bed design is a perfect subject for the frame :)


Lindsay Horn Photography is no stranger to the EW Couture blog. I enjoy her senior photography and a couple of her images are part of an old Senior Photography Showcase post.

I was quite excited to see the collages showcasing her beautiful work, on her blog. I dare you to take a peek at the lovely selection of images!