Monthly downloads update

I've mentioned this a couple of times on the EW Couture Facebook page, but since some saw the post, and some didn't (especially since the new changes with Facebook), I'm making it official by posting it on the blog.

If you haven't received an email in your inbox for September it is because I haven't sent one.
I didn't plan on not sending one, but in the midst of working to bring to life the 2011 Christmas/Holiday Card Collections, one thing led to another and the time just passed me by.

You see... I lost my Mary Poppins.
With her magical touch she made everything truly wonderful... I am told by my almost 4 year old that there are many things that I can't do like 'Ica', as she calls her. Beautiful braids is one of them. I am trying though, I am trying... :)

My mom is our Mary Poppins and I've been so lucky to be able to have her take care of the kids two - three days a week this past year, while I've been working on getting EW Couture off the ground.
She had to fly away to Europe though, to spend some time with her mom, and be my grandma's Mary Poppins for a while. Meantime it's been a little crazy around here for the past 7 weeks, while trying to find the balance between lots of Christmas season work and family.

The kids and I miss our Mary Poppins dearly for many reasons, and I have to say that those two-three days a week of quiet, solid work time is one of my top 5 reasons.
... I was quite silly to think I could manage it all on my own, and stay on top of everything. My 10 month old makes it clear every so often that he has no intention to let work interrupt our time together. And I really can't blame him! If Audrey was very independent from the very beginning, he is quite a snuggler and a mommy's boy. I do love that! It is quite nice and refreshing.
... I am having the hardest time to want to consider child care and to "let him go", but I don't know how many more all nighters I can pull before I get to feel tired to my core and resent this awesome resource and dream that is EW Couture Collection. 

It takes time and commitment to run a successful business.
And help, so one can do all these things. Keeping life in balance, family at the center of one's life, business running smoothly, customers happy, not losing sight of what's important, and staying sane and healthy, right now takes a baby sitter.

... My mention of missing my Mary Poppins who made all things wonderful turned into a longer detour than I first intended, but it should've given you an insight into my 'slacking off'. :)

Soooo, getting back to my monthly downloads update, next week's email will be carrying the goodies for both August and September, to help us get caught up.

And what will the downloads be, you ask?
An updated 2012 calendar for last year's calendar accordion mini download, and a bifold Luxe baby announcement that matches this Baby Chevron Mini Collection I've created after shooting a newborn session a few weeks ago.

Make sure to check your inbox Tuesday the 11th.
...There! I said it. I am bound - baby sitter or not.


*Update* The Baby Chevron Bundle is available now under the Retired Bundles/ +International Customers are, and includes the following templates:

  • 8x12 Dry Erase Board
  • 4x8 Accordion Book
  • Single DVD Case and Label