A brilliant article/interview on being remarkable :: Professional Photographer magazine

One of the top blogs that I do my best to follow and read most often, is Seth Godin's blog. The guy is simply brilliant. A simply brilliant marketing guru. You read articles after articles and you can't help saying: "Duh! OF COURSE!" That's the best kind of brilliance - the one that's birthed from common sense and from suddle observation.

Sarah Petty (CR. PHOTOG., CPP) of The Joy of Marketing interviewed him for Professional Photographer, in July 2009 (for the Profit center section).

"Do you know what you do for a living? If you answered photography, Seth Godin begs to disagree."

" ... if what you offer is a service for people who aren’t clever enough to take their own pictures, you are doomed.


By clicking the link you'll be directed to a 4 page downloadable pdf - of the interview published in Professional Photographer in July 2009.

An awesome read. Download the pdf, print it and save it for a later (if you don't have time for it now), before you forget about it. Absolutely worth your time.