EW Couture Collection - sponsor for a third time

I really enjoyed being a part of the team of sponsors for Michelle Kane's Workshop. When Jodi from MCP Actions emailed about being part of one of her online Photoshop training classes by creating a few Christmas templates for it, I was very happy to get involved with the project.

The MCP Blog is one of the first places I offered any of the monthly freebies, so it is a bit special to me because of that.

However, beyond that, if you are not familiar with Jodi's blog you definitely will want to visit it. The wealth of fresh, valuable information that she (and her contributing writers) put out there for photographers daily might be overwhelming at times, but it is definitely worth to take the time and dig through all the articles.

There are tons of great articles, but here are 2 that are stuck in mind and I can think of off the top of my head, right now:

How To Price Portrait Photography? Words of Advice from Jodie Otte

50 Marketing Tips for Photographers

Check them out when you have a moment, if you haven't read them yet. Great info!

... That being said, let me get back to the subject of this post :)

As part of her curriculum, Jodi will be teaching an online Photoshop class on how to use cards and templates. Perfect timing with the holidays coming up. Once you sign up for the workshop, besides the training you'll be getting "hundreds of dollars worth of cards, templates, digital papers - dozens of designs (one sided and double sided cards, calendar templates, senior templates, wedding set, and more) created by leading graphic designers for photographers"; one of those designers being myself through EW Couture Collection :)

Hop over on the MCP blog to check out the details (dates, prices, goodies) for the three classes to be held in October. If this is a class you decide it is for you have fun and enjoy it! If not, spread the word about it.