Are you a Photoshop Elements user? Here is a handy add-on!

I am not a PSE user, so I am not very familiar with all the ins and outs of it.

I did learn from you guys that it doesn't play nice with grouped layers, unless you have a bag of tricks and use them on it :)

Last week in a nice note, Greg Holley also shared a little gem.

"[...] On a technical note,  I wanted to share about using Elements with your templates. I was using your rep card templates and they had some grouped layers. PS Elements by itself will not ungroup layers. However, there is a program called Elements +  that will allow you to ungroup them in Elements. The program costs $12.00 and adds many other functions to Elements. I hope this might help someone else."

I am positive it will Greg! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Here is a link where you can learn more about Elements + and also buy this handy add-on.


On a different note, here are the ungrouped files for these photo marketing business card size cards I made available quite a while ago. (I have received multiple emails asking for an ungrouped version of the files, and they were planned to go up, before I learned about Elements +)