Wynona Robison's (Awesome) Free Adobe Camera Raw Settings

Wynona's photography is very soulful and captures the emotion of the moment in a raw, beautiful way.

Her post processing complements her images perfectly. While checking out her actions website, I came across a really cool, beautiful set of ACR presets she is sharing for free, for everyone. Drop her a thank you note, if you like them! :)

... Wondering where to install the ACR presets on your computer?

• Here is the path and the correct location - for Mac - for installing camera raw presets (ACR presets) - User Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings.

Once you open the raw files in ACR, the presets will show up and you'll be ableto select them under the last tab - Presets.

• On a PC, try this - C://Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Adobe/CameraRAW/Settings