The One That Got Away - a new series at Digital Protalk

I believe it was about a year ago when I decided to join one of the photographers I get together with every once in a while, for one of David Zeiser's Captured by the Light Workshops. An extremely affordable, full evening, packed with info and tips, the workshop was definitely worth the time and the money.

That's when I was introduced to David's blog, Digital Protalk. I've been reading through the articles, watching tutorials on and off, whenever I get on the blog reader.

Recently, he started a new series - The One That Got Away, where he takes a "near miss" image and points out the "nearly missed" elements and then lists what could have been done to improve it. Pretty neat! Check it out here (and make sure to check back on episode 1 and 2) - The One That Got Away - Window Light Done Right - Episode 3