Eye Candy :: awesome, inspiring wedding ring images

Red Leaf Studios - their work leaves me in silent awe... over and over again.


Some wedding photographers are better than others at capturing the little details, the special little things that make THE day perfect. Best wedding photographers see, capture the heartbeat of the day - the small details and the obvious event markers all together - and tell a story visually that makes you feel like you were there, or makes you wish you were there :)

The ring shot is always one that I'm involuntarily looking for, when I browse through wedding posts. It is always neat to see how the photographer brings the story of that day into the shot!

...Enjoy this little collection and check out the links for more wedding eye candy goodness! :)


Hassas Photography - I love the uninhibited, spontaneous feel of his captures (especially when it comes to engagement sessions)

 Geneoh Photography

Hassas Photography

Red Leaf Studios

Hoffer Photography - his out of the box compositions and play with light are pure delight! check out the site for more inspiring goodness...

Leigh Taylor Photography

Hassas Photography

Hassas Photography

Red Leaf Studios

Beth Armsheimer Photography

Hoffer Photography


... and today's a baker's dozen, with one more personal image, an old favorite.