12 free photoblog themes for Wordpress and Blogger

There are a LOT of free blog themes out there that could be considered a perfect fit for a photography blog, in many different styles and for different platforms. This collection barely scrapes the surface.

... When I first started a photography blog I chose Blogger for a platform. I honestly don't remember why I chose Blogger over WordPress or Typepad, but I do remember doing my research. I believe I thought at the time that customizing a Blogger template was going to be easier and was going to require less coding knowledge (which I did have very little of, at the time). 

It was pretty easy and I did find lots of tutorials online to help me out through the process, but it was more time consuming than using a payed service like Squarespace (the platform I am using now), Netrivet's ProPhoto Blogs, Into the Darkroom, Portfoliositez or others out there.

Do your research before you decide what platform you're going to choose, and what template you'll be adopting as your own.

Are you a do it yourself type of person?
Do you have the knowledge and will that time be invested well, or would it be wiser to choose a professional to do it for you, just the way you want it, in less time and obviously for what will turn out to be a wiser investment (if you consider your time an investment - you should)?

Maybe you have someone in the family (or a friend) that has the knowledge to customize a more complex blog (that you might be in love with) for you, and set you up for smooth sailing.

Whatever the situation is, consider all your options before you take a decision. Write down the pros and cons, side by side , draw the line and take your own decision.

If you are a DIY type of person you'll love this list and the 12 really beautiful photoblog themes that it features.

For those of you that might be interested, I attached at the end of the post a short list of designers I came across in the past couple of years, whose work I like very much.

1. Free Blogger Photoblog Templates from Our Blogger Templates

There are actually 5 one column blog web designs under this link. I decided to keep them all together, since they are relatively similar in structure. You'll find the 'Download' link and a list of features and instructions underneath each one of the 5 preview screenshots.

{Photoblog II is the template I used when I first started my photography blog. From personal experience, they are pretty easy to customize even for someone with limited coding knowledge, like me.}


2. Grace Photoblog - a wordpress photoblog theme - a stylish, minimalistic photoblog theme, created by Ian Covey of 3879designs.com (Lichfield, Staffordshire).


3. AutoFocus - A Free Photographers WordPress theme by Allan Cole (Brooklyn NY) - Extremely simple, classy and unique layout. 


4. Ocular Professor - A clean, simple, widget ready WordPress theme designed for photoblogs, created by Andrea Mignolo (New York).


5. Aperio - a WordPress Theme by Robert Ellis


6. Monotone - a photoblog WordPress theme, developed by Noel Jackson.
This theme adapts the colours of the post page based on the colour palette used in the first image on a post. The way it handles the photos makes each entry unique.


7. Work-A-Holic - a free minimalistic two and three column WordPress theme that focuses mainly on showcasing portfolios for artists, by Graph Paper Press.


8. Victorian Style - a free Blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar and grunge style.


9. Zack 990 - Another free Wordpress theme created by Andrea Mignolo,  the photoblog theme inspired by The Boston Globe’s ‘The Big Picture’ site and it is designed exclusively for photo and video bloggers.


10. Cancerbox's Horizon - Photo Gallery WordPress theme, minimal and very stylish. I love the scroll-down information section at the top of the posts and the layout of the 'browse' section.


11. Photogallery - a free Blogger template


12. Viewport - a free Wordpress theme created by Paul Bennett, is focused around a clean and simple, content based layout. 


Further Resources:

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