Children Photography Showcase in 12 inspiring images

Beth Jansen Photography - she's known best for her colorful and vibrant images, but this b&w image is amazing


"What we remember from childhood we remember forever." - Cynthia Ozick

Photographing children must be the most rewarding type of photography out there - extremely challenging at times, but nevertheless the most rewarding.

While many might not agree with the statement, none can deny that the images captured during your own childhood bring back the strongest feelings and memories and a certain nostalgia that is hard to match by any other memories.

Children are transparent, real, don't try or feel the need to put on their best face for you, and best part - they don't come back with retouching requests for post processing ...Genuine, true moments and expressions, at their best.

I found it really hard to narrow down my favorite images to 12, so in the months to come I see a part 2, and 3 and 4 to this post :) I am sure you have your own long list of favorite children portraits that are close to your heart. (Feel free to share links in the comments, if you wish to do so.)

 Audrey Woulard - one of the best...

I am Mel Photography

Mika Beth Edwards Photography old time favorite; probably my most favorite.

ljholloway photography

Brianna Graham

Nichole Van

Karen Anderson

Untamed Heart Photography

Lily Blue Photography

Monique Duke Photography