How to price portrait photography? ...'Easy as Pie' Giveaway

Do you know that feeling you experience after watching a movie or reading a book that touches the deepest chord in your being and it makes you change the way you think and feel about something or somebody?

... I didn't know what to expect from "Easy as Pie". The title had me intrigued and puzzled (...what does pie have to do with tedious, math work?) I really didn't think that yet another booklet with formulas and equations on cost of goods sold will get me high and excited about getting out my pricing list to review it. I am not the kind of girl that likes spreadsheets, COG formulas and figuring out pricing. It is a task that I take care of because I have to. I need to make a living and life just flows better when you have that kind of stuff figured out wisely and using common sense.

Personally, I was in for a surprise. Business savvy, Alicia made this guide SO MUCH MORE than just a book filled with pricing formulas. Written in a very personal, down to earth, easy to follow manner it is funny, inspiring, and throughout packed with solid, pertinent information. I feel empowered to be amazing, to run a business and not a hobby.

... Before I'll leave you with Alicia's introduction to the guide, let me just say that I am super excited about this month's giveaway! This book really will change the way you look at your business!

Two lucky winners will receive Alicia’s Cookbook+Pastry School guide to kick their business in high gear! Already own a copy? You can still play and if you win- you will instead receive a Spoon Full of Sugar Pricing consult with Alicia. 

Read and follow the directions at the end of this post to enter in the giveaway and possibly win your own copy. 



One of the biggest struggles photographers have when starting out is trying to be the photographer for everyone. We SO BADLY want everyone to hire us. We want to be the talk of the town.  

So what do we do? We make our pricing appealing. We think “our clients would never pay X amount” and we set our prices based on what we perceive will be our potential market’s reaction to our service. Even if we price ourselves a little higher than Sears or Wal-Mart studios - we know that people are going to still pay it because our work is so much better.
And so we get hired for our prices. We do sessions that aren’t our style because we are just happy that we are being hired. Our clients run the show- they reschedule, they make demands, and they ask us to Photoshop the ugly away.
It’s draining, it’s frustrating and it’s discouraging.

We tell ourselves- oh, it’s temporary. I don’t plan on doing this for the long run— this is just to help me until I get my business feet on the ground, my foot in the door and my name in the air.
Please, don’t do this to yourself! The thing that will mostly likely happen is that you will feel under appreciated, disrespected, and plain unhappy about your business and the direction it is headed in. The passion for photography alone- that voice that said, “I don’t need to make money to be happy doing what I love” - that flame will fizzle.

You need to step back and put a price on your time. Start valuing yourself! Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you are worth $5K if you already feel like you should be! You determine your own worth- no one else can do that for you.
Think like a successful business thinks. Think like COACH handbags.  You either pay my price or you don’t. Period. Bottom line. That’s how it is.
Do you see Coach, Louis Vuitton & Versace trying to figure out how to entice the Wal-Mart crowd to shop at their retail locations by offering an affordable product? Absolutely not! They know what they are worth and they set their prices based on worth. If they aren’t getting the sales they need- they evaluate their marketing efforts. How can we be more appealing? What is hip? What are our clients looking for? They do not base their prices on what they think will be enticing. They set their prices on what they know they are worth- and we pay them because we value them. If we don’t value $400 handbags- we don’t buy them, right?
It’s the same that goes for your clients. They may love your work- but if they don’t value your work, then they aren’t the clients for you. These types of clients will not give you the base that you need to have a longstanding, profitable, successful business. And isn’t that what we are all working towards.
So where DO you start when it comes to pricing?  Easy As Pie & Pastry School give the new business photographer the direction that they need through common sense thinking that will help them achieve a high sales/low volume business and the established photographer the ideas to maximize their sales and kick their business to the next level. From session fees to minimum order requirements, collections to baby plans- there is no need to pull your hair out trying to figure it all out. It’s now Easy as Pie ;-) 

Are you the kind that needs a little hand holding and guidance along the way? I also offer one on one pricing consults for the photographer that needs extra guidance along the way. 


Here is what a few of the photographers that used the materials have to say.
(To read more reviews on the materials, go the website's Rave and Reviews page.)

I needed to read what you wrote because it reminded me that I need to take my own advice. Instead of being a newbie reading about getting started, I felt like you were walking me through my past and giving me a kick in the ass. I am totally ready to kick it up a bit and your words really got me motivated.

Thanks very much,


I just made my biggest sale ever! My sale was $2200.00! I finally have tapped into the clientele who will appreciate my work and pay for travel! Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with me. Happy dancing!

- Emily


Thank you for your products.  They are truly what I need to get me started in business.  

- Jenny

I just have to say that I still have not sat down and really gone through your pricing guide step for step, but I have read quite a bit and I'm totally blown away. The way you "tell it like it is" reminds me of myself. I love when I do mentoring sessions and I can say, "Here's the deal: ...... “Too many people don't believe in their self-worth and the value of their time! Your little guide goes over pricing and all of that! It's a pricing guide, but SO MUCH MORE. I think that's what you should rename it to be.

- Jessica


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