Winners of Easy as Pie photography pricing guide ... and a couple of awesome discount codes for everyone!

And here are the winners of Alicia Caine's Easy as Pie & Pastry School photography pricing guide:

comment #377 - Khannie of Laska Photography, and
comment #60 - Jennifer of Skipper Photography

Congrats ladies!! The pricing guide is fabulous!

... Now, for everyone else, here are some really awesome discount codes you can use to get the Easy as Pie & Pastry School and enjoy some really great savings! Thanks Alicia!

For the first 100 to use EW100off the pricing guide combo is $100 off;
after EW100off has been used up, the code will say that it is no longer valid and the code to use will be EW75off - $75 off the combo good through June 20th

By the way, because of a misunderstanding for the first day (on Thursday) I had Alicia's personal Facebook page listed, so many of you who entered on Thursday connected with her on her personal page. Here is the link to Alicia's Easy as Pie Facebook page.