Winners of the Logos - Birthday Giveaway part 1

Here are all the 15 winners of the identity marks. Congrats to all the winners!

If you are a winner, please e-mail me through the contact form on this site with your name, and blog or website address (a few of the winners have not included their blog/web address). Don't email me your choice for the mark at this time. 

Once I get the info from all the winners, I will open a new thread where one by one you guys can enter your choice in the comments. We'll start with the person that was picked as the first winner, and we'll keep going until we get to the 15th winner (every one gets the chance to choose one mark from the pool of remaining logos). 

However, if you don't love any of the ones left for you to pick from, by the time your turn comes, feel free to take a pass and choose one of the 2 collections of senior cards.

You should definitely not settle for a mark that you don't connect with and it doesn't represent your style and business well. Don't settle with one of them thinking that you will change it later on. It is so very important to create an identity and an image for yourself that is consistent, strong and you are very proud of. A logo, the graphics and marketing materials you use, establish and strengthen your brand as the time goes on. You want to create awareness and familiarity among clients and potential clients, not confuse them by changing your looks too often.

So bottom line, it is really important that you love your choice. If you don't love any of the choices that are left for you, you should take a pass. Like I said you can pick one of the two seniors collections. (*update - the designs have been retired April 2011. To view the new senior collection and designs visit Miller's Lab Exclusive EW Couture Line.)

Here are the marks again:

And here are the winners!!

1st winner:


2nd winner:

3rd winner:

4th winner:

5th winner:

6th winner:

7th winner:

8th winner:

9th winner:

10th winner:

11th winner:

12th winner:

13th winner:

14th winner:

15th winner: