Marketing Materials for Photographers :: Rep Cards

And here is May's free EW Couture Collection template download: two 'twin' sets of beautiful, plaid rep card templates.  

I first created the regular business card size rep cards and decided to add, as a little surprise, the Miller's cool version of rep cards for those using this fine lab :) Sized at 1.375x3.5” with standard rounded corners, their Rep Cards are a fresh take on senior rep and studio business cards. Pretty sweet!

Well it turns out, the Miller rep card files are now my favorite ones between the two. I wonder which ones you'll like best.

Enjoy them and pay it forward!

Consider sharing the link with another photog friend.

Oh, and the one little important thing - you can download them here, or on the Maternal Lens (as of tomorrow). :)

*[As of December 2011 all the free downloads are available through email only. To get exclusive access to past, present & future monthly free downloads check out the EW Couture Goodies List.]


I've released the free templates later than ever this month because of the giveaways going on at the beginning of the month and a couple of other reasons, but you can expect that to be the norm from now on. Since the monthly giveaways will be happening at the beginning of the month, the templates will be released towards the end of the month.