Winners of the logo giveaway

*** UPDATE: Looks like everyone is in! Have fun picking your favorite prize. I'll e-mail everyone, once you all make your choices.

This post is mostly for you guys who won the logo giveaway, so you can let me know what your choices are, in the comments. Here is a link to the original post that has all the winners and a copy of all the graphics, so you can refer to it and see the order of the winning entries.

Please wait for your turn and make sure you choose from the remaining pool of graphics and don't put down as a choice something that was already taken by one of the winners before you.

Like I said in my post that announced the winners, if your favorites get picked by the time it is your turn to choose, I strongly recommend that you don't settle. It is just too important of a decision to settle for something that you don't love and feel that it doesn't truly represent what you want your business to be.

For those of you who might find yourselves in that situation, I actually decided to let you choose instead of the mark the two sets of senior cards. That would be a little closer to the value of the logo mark (what they would have been sold for, if they would've made it to the store).

When all is said and done I do want you to feel like a winner after all. 

I do happen to know what the first winner's choice is (comment 146 - Cathy A Smith) so I will make the first post for her. Please follow that example and add all the info (trying to make my job easy ;). If you choose to go for the Senior Card Collections instead of the logo, just make a note of that in the comment.

Have fun! :) I will e-mail all of you once everyone gets a chance to make their choice.