Thankful (and the calendar accordion mini download)

It is Thanksgiving day, but Christmas is coming :)

... In September you had the chance to chime in on what kind of download you would like as an early Christmas Stocking stuffer from EW Couture Collection.

Here is the download, as my own little way of saying a very early Merry Christmas to you.

And thank you for being at the heart of EW Couture Collection.

As of December 2011 all the free downloads are available through email only. To get exclusive access to past, present & future monthly free downloads check out the EW Couture Goodies List.


It's been a year filled with adventures, changes, enjoying old friends and forming new friendships, a year filled with blessings, that happened or showed up in many different shapes and forms.

As I think back of all I am and I'm not, all the things I accomplished and the ones I haven't, all the things that I have and the ones I don't, I am thankful. I'm thankful for what I've been given, for friends, for my family, for my health, for the things that I did cross off my list this year... and for all of you. You are such a huge part of EW Couture Collection.

Thank you for the things I learned from you, for kind words, for FB likes, newsletter subcriptions and forwards! :) And for paying it forward :)

I hope you had a great year, and the one coming holds even more amazing things and adventures for you.

And speaking of my little family, while I love them and I'm so very thankful for all three of them, 2 weeks old now, little mister Parker Moses stole my heart! ...and not just mine :)