Jessica Feely's Blogging Actions :: Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all of you who participated and took the time to share your thoughts on blogging with storytelling collages.

Congrats to both winners of Jessica Feely's Blogging Actions:

comment #102 - Jennifer S
& comment #28 - Brooke Worley

Have fun playing and experimenting! :)

As you can see the winners of this giveaway are being announced a bit off schedule.

...Most of you might know by now that I was excpecting a baby boy in the next couple of weeks. Well, this past Thursday he decided that it was time for him to make his appearance. He's adorable and we're very much in love with him; he definitely changed some of our plans around for this weekend/week.
It is part of our children's job though, to keep us on our toes, keep lots of spontaneity and the feeling of wonder in our lives and help us loosen up, isn't it? :)
I know Audrey, the 3 year old does that pretty much on a daily basis.
Parker's following in her footsteps :)

p.s I'll follow up the iPhone snapshot of Parker on the EW Couture Collection FB page, with more pictures of him during this week, mostlikely on my photoblog.