What software are EW Couture templates compatible with?

All templates come as layered, customizable .psd files.
PHOTOSHOP - They are compatible with Photoshop CS and all newer versions of the software.
PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS - The short answer?  Yes, the templates will work in Photoshop Elements. In all products released before 2014 the layered artwork is grouped in folders to keep the files tidy, organized and easier to work with. Photoshop Elements (PSE), however, doesn't like grouped layers. To be able to work with the files in PSE, you need to ungroup the layers first. Here is a FREE Ungroup Layers Action for Photoshop Elements to help you do that.
LIGHTROOM - They DO NOT work with Lightroom.

To make working with the templates a breeze, you should have a basic knowledge of Photoshop/PSE and be familiar with using layers and clipping masks. If you are new to Photoshop, here is a link to a fantastic compilation of 12 Beginner Tutorials for Getting Started With Photoshop, put together by Jacob Gube (Mashable) that can get you started with the program.

Where do you recommend I get my templates printed?

I use Miller's Lab for all my printing. Beautiful print quality, great customer service and unbeatable turn around time!
The templates also fit MpixPro's guides, their sister company, with no need for any size adjustments.
Each template is compatible with a specific product offered through Miller's line of Press products.  Templates can be used with other products and vendors, but their compatibility is not guaranteed.

How do I purchase the templates? Where do I pay for them?

All EW Couture print press product templates are created to be sold exclusively through Miller's Lab Design Market (EW Couture Exclusive Line), which makes them available to U.S. and Canada customers only. Miller's Lab processes all these payments.
However, you can browse and preview all templates here, on the ewcouture.com website. Use the Categories and the Products navigation drop downs to find your perfect match. Then click the ••• Purchase It Here ••• button.

Occasionally to make room for new products, some of the older templates are retired from Miller's Lab Design Market. Starting this year, some of the most popular retired bundles and designs will be available at a great value, on the Retired Bundles/ +International Customers page, here on the ewcouture.com site. They are available to U.S., Canada and INTERNATIONAL customers alike. Payments for these products are processed through PAYPAL. It is safe, secure and they accept most major credit cards; and echecks as well.  Note that paying via echeck will cause a delay in processing your order.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your check to clear and then your order will be filled.

Can I change the text and the information included in the files? Can I change the colors?

Yes, all info text layers are editable, and you can customize them for each client, as needed.
Generic text as "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays" etc. that uses paid fonts is included as a color fill layer. This way you don't have to spend the extra money to preserve the intended look of the design. The name of the paid font used is included, should you choose to purchase the font. The color of all text layers can be changed, regardless whether the text is live or included as a shape or a color fill layer.

The templates are designed to be as simple as possible. To allow for maximum flexibility, in most cases, all the design elements, frames, backgrounds are layered to allow for changes such as modifying colors, removing patterns or overlays, and re-arranging and re-sizing design elements.  Feel free to change or customize each template to fit your or your client's style and needs.

Do the fonts used come with the templates?

No. Fonts are copyright material to their creators and they can not be distributed with the files you purchase.
However, almost all the fonts I use in my designs are free. In the layer names, you will find the web addresses where you can download the free used font, in the layer names. Simply copy and paste the included link in your web browser. Once you download and instal the font, reopen the files and customize the text as needed.

How do I insert my clients' photos in a template?

For a step by step tutorial on how to add images to your templates using clipping masks, follow the directions in this photo template customization tutorial.
The easiest way to add an image to your templates is to use a clipping mask. All EWCC templates already come with the clipping masks you see in the preview images of the products. Using the masks will help you keep the integrity of the designs.

When I buy one of your products (from Miller's Design Market EW Couture Exclusive Line or from ewcouture.com) will a physical product be senT to me in the mail? How do I get my products?

All products are offered electronically, no physical products will be mailed to you (unless otherwise specified - i.e. printed sample packs).
The Photoshop (.PSD) files are delivered as zipped archive files. Within minutes of your purchase you will receive a link to a downloadable zip file. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder, if you don't receive your email in a timely fashion.
Click on the link provided. It will automatically begin downloading the zip file to your computer.
Be sure to keep a MASTER of each template, saving all changes with a new file name, when making customizations for clients.

I am interested in one of the EW Couture product collections from Miller's Design Market. Can I purchase just one of the templates from the collection?

Yes, the EW Couture products bundled in Miller's Design Market, are also available and can be purchased separately.

What is your return and refund policy?

Due to the nature of the products, no refunds are available. All products are offered electronically, and they cannot be returned.

HOW MAY I USE THE TEMPLATES I PURCHASE and the free downloads?

All templates are created for and licensed for one purpose only: for professional photographers, to create finished, printed products featuring images they have personally created, and are selling to their clients. Limited personal use for the professional photographer who purchased the template, is the one exception to the rule (i.e. personal or immediate family Christmas cards, birth announcements etc).

I have a website/store where I sell cards/artwork/announcements/wedding invitations/luggage tags/scrapbook paper etc. can i buy your templates and create products to sell to my customers?

No, this is not a permitted usage for any of the EW Couture designs (as a whole or for parts or elements of the designs).
My templates are created for professional photographers to use in their photography business to create finished, printed products for their clients (or flattened, digital files for the said clients, so that they print the designs on their own). Making a profit from my designs in ways different than the ones stated IS PROHIBITED.
EW Couture templates are not for designers, card printing companies, or any other type of printing, advertising, scrapbooking or other similar type of company.
Thank you for respecting this. If you are unsure of the usage and have more questions about the terms of use, please feel free to email and ask.

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I checked and I am subscribed to the newsletter. Am I doing something wrong?

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